Drug Abuse and the Over All Affect on the Pursuit of Happiness

Illegal Drug use although against the law is often considered a personal choice and many believe that in the spirit of freedom drugs ought to be legalized. But then we also know that many who use drugs cannot control themselves and thus end up abusers of drugs or become drug addicted. Recently this was discussed at length in an online think tank. One think tank member stated in the online discussion:

“I believe that if you are using intoxicants, regardless of what that substance is, meth, alcohol, cocaine… it doesn’t matter, as soon as you start interfering with another citizens right to quite and peaceful existence, by fighting, causing an accident, the need for emergency services to be deployed, etc then you face not only a criminal charge but an additional charge for drug abuse.”

Indeed there in lies the problem and it happens all too often unfortunately with drug users and experimenters who turn into drug addicts. Another think tank member partially agreed with this statement and further stated:

“I am glad we agree on that point. Your last point of stating abstractly that if we deny people the choice to experiment or decide for themselves that that which is brushed under the carpet will rear its ugly head in an inopportune time for the whole of humanity is well taken and I agree that living in denial of this real problem does no one any good at all and the current way we deal with drug abuse in this country is not working. The thought of decriminalization is bothersome, because it is sending a mixed message to the “just say no” theme, as if we tell kids it is bad news and then tell them it is legal, easy to get and available, then you see the problem. Although I have always thought that in Germany they have less problems with alcohol because they have made it so socially “okay” and thus kids would rather have a root beer than a shot of hard alcohol.”

The debate went on for many pages and is far from over. Of course the online think tank needs more input before rendering any sort of solution or issuing any type of report. We hope to have a national discussion on this subject and join with others who see problems and seek the best possible solution to the drug issues in American Society. Consider all this in 2006.